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Quality service. How do we do it?

Waayeel Spare Parts and Engineering Ltd has completed Eighteen (18)+ years of successful operations in the automobile parts industry in Kenya. Waayeel Spare Parts and Engineering Ltd operates five different showrooms all based in Kenya. From its humble beginnings as a single automobile spare parts showroom, over the time it has grown into acquiring a network of more than thirty reliable suppliers from Japan and has increased its presence in the Kenyan market.
Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd for ‘AISIN’ Clutches, Hydraulic Parts and Lubricants, Nippon Piston Ring Co. Ltd. for ‘NPR’ Piston Ring, Sankei Industry Co. Ltd. for ‘555’ Suspension Parts, Teikoku Piston Ring Co. Ltd. for ‘TPR’ Piston Ring, Nissan Pump Mfg. Co. Ltd. for ‘NPW’ Water Pumps are our major Japanese Supporters and the remaining are the top 10 export houses from Japan such as Toyo Trading Co. Ltd.,
Taiyo Corporation, SPK Corporation, K&M International, Eilin Company Ltd., Ushio Industries Ltd., OCT Corporation, Reco
Export Agencies, Yeasu Trading Co. Ltd. & Morita & Co. Ltd.

Mission & Vision

Our goal is to become a dynamic, innovative, and profitable global automotive organization. We aim to be the preferred supplier and employer, creating value for all shareholders. With your needs in mind, we will provide high-quality parts, delivered on time, ensuring 100% satisfaction. Our approach is based on best business practices, treating our customers, suppliers, and employees with trust and respect. 


We are committed to maintaining a clean and safe workplace that prioritizes environmental protection. Our ultimate aim is to exceed expectations by achieving a level of product quality that sets new standards.

Employee Welfare

At Waayeel Spare Parts and Engineering Ltd, we acknowledge the significance of our employees as our most valuable assets and an essential stakeholder group. Our unwavering commitment lies in ensuring a workplace that is fair, diverse, and inclusive. We are dedicated to upholding fair employment practices and prioritize them as a pledge to our workforce.

Marketing and Sales Operations

In order to consistently fulfill customer demands, the Sales Department employs promotional campaigns as their primary marketing approach. This department is divided into two sections: one dedicated to serving domestic networks, encompassing wholesales, retail, fleet, and government sectors; and the other focused on export networks.

The Company’s success hinges on the coordination among its global workforce. We also value customer feedback and actively gather suggestions and impressions through regular distribution of questionnaires. You can also leave us a message on our contact form. This feedback serves as a valuable resource to enhance the quality of our services and products.

Our Partners

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